Q:What are MASKOUS's quality assuarance?

A:Our company's mask would fulfill the following standards:

  • Satisfy requirements for ASTM Level 2

  • PFE >98%

  • BFE >98%

  • VFE >98%

  • 3-ply masks

  • Made in Hong Kong

Q:How to receive the package?

A:All package will be sent straight to your address with HK Post (non-registered) or other couriers.

Q:What if I relocate during my subscription?

A:Should you require to change your shipping address, please contact us. Request to change address must be submitted at least one month in advance. We reserve the right to charge extra service fee for handling address change requests.

Q:What is the package is loss or damaged?

A:For any issues attributed to and caused by our company, return and re-send of products will be arranged. If the issue is not caused by our company, or that there is no proof to attribute responsibilities to us, we will evaluate the incident on a case-by-case basis.

Q:Return process?

A:If you have comments on our products' quality and would like to request for a return, please kindly contact info@maskous.shop or WhatsApp 9454 6466. Return request will only be entertained within the first 7 days when your first shipping batch has been shipped.  

Q:How to cancel subscription?

A:All subscription plans last for a minimum term of 1 year, with auto-renewal. Cancellation of subscription can only be applied to the term beyond the 1 year subscription, a minimum of 1 year subscription cannot be cancelled or shortened. Should you require our support, please contact us at unsubscribe@maskous.shop. Our company bulk purchase in advance to maintain a low subscription fee for our members, therefore all cancellation of subscription will take a minimum of 30 days notice period.

Q:Content of the package?

A:The package will include sealed package of your masks, and it could also include other materials or products from our company, affiliates and/or marketing clients.